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Summer has arrived in South Cumbria

Rambling through the delightful hill and dale scenery of the southern Lake District the other day I chanced upon the tiny hamlet of Grassgarth, near Ings, and this typical image of the English summer. Whilst the east of the country is suffering rain and cold winds, the west is enjoying ‘flaming June’ in all its summer glory. The frothy, semi-natural vergeside planting and cosy-looking cottages set off by Clematis montana scrambling through the garden hedge made me feel that summer has well and truly arrived. The hot sunshine helped too! The question is (as ever)…will it last? A simple iPhone shot – I tend to leave the SLR at home and travel light when I’m out walking with friends.

Dandelion seed head macro close-up

In Defence of the Humble Dandelion

Dandelions are the scourge of many a fine lawn and their gaudy yellow flowers make them an instant and easily spotted target of hate for fastidious gardeners. The word ‘weed’ could have been invented just for them. As a photographer (and in common with generations of wish-making small children) I view them differently. Once their admittedly brash flowering heads have done their job, they’re replaced by a seed head of incredible beauty that is wonderful to photograph. In isolated close-up their symmetry and delicacy is breath-taking, especially when set against a backdrop of colour – here provided by a carpet of de-focused forget-me-nots. Of course, each individual seed, as beautiful as it is, is now set to disperse with the first breath of wind and go once more into battle with the Nation’s gardeners….