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Michael Turner Photographer & Gardener

See The Garden In A Different Light

Gardens are viewed by some people as places of drudgery and toil, plagued by evil weeds and pesky lawns that keep growing at an annoyingly inconvenient rate. For others, simply stepping through the garden gate leads to a magical world full of light, colour, inspiration and imagination; we really do see the garden in a different light. I must confess that I quite enjoy the digging, weeding and all of the other physical outdoor work involved in garden maintenance (it certainly beats going to the gym!) but it’s when I’m wearing my garden planningĀ and garden photography hats that I also get to explore the creative, visual side of gardening: planting design, garden design, garden history and the natural ecology. You could say that when it comes to gardens and gardening I enjoy the best of both. The Photogardener Blog is a record of my personal journey through the wonderful world of plants and gardens, as seen through my lens. It’s also the home of Photogardener Photography Courses & Talks and my local garden maintenance service …