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See The Garden In A Different Light

Michael Turner Photographer & Gardener www.photogardenerblog.com

To lots of people gardens are viewed as places of drudgery and physical toil, plagued by evil weeds and pesky plants that go on the rampage the moment their backs are turned. For us gardeners on the other hand, simply stepping through the garden gate leads to a magical world of light, colour, inspiration and opportunity – a different viewpoint entirely.

I must admit that I really enjoy the physical outdoor work involved in my day to day work as a gardener (in a curious way it takes me back to my days as a junior racing cyclist, with daily road training whatever the weather, and certainly beats going to the gym!), but as a garden planner and photographer I’m also passionate about the creative and aesthetic aspects of the garden: planting design, garden wildlife and ecology, botanical art, garden history and contemporary garden design.

By sharing my photography here on The Photogardener Blog and on Instagram I hope to inspire photographers, gardeners and non-gardeners alike to ‘see the garden in a different light’.

Thanks for visiting.

Michael Turner Photogardener



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